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2009-04-26 18:49:43
Opening Museum of Protestantism

Imperial Eagle ornamentation on Ludwig Zinzendorf’s walking stick, Postilla of Priest Samuel Dambrowski, portrait of Philip Melanchthon… These items conceal many secrets and revealing them changes our perception of the world.

2009-04-26 18:37:10
The City of Books

One of the important instruments introduced within the project of “Protection and preservation of Cieszyn’s writing heritage” is an educational route called the “City of Books”, which helps diffusing information about the project and should also allow more effective use of its results


2009-07-23 11:34:25
Merciful Brothers

The Merciful Brothers’ Order called Bonifraters was founded by a Portuguese Saint, John of God, who lived in the 16th century and is considered the pioneer of contemporary hospitalizing.

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2010-05-21 14:47:02

The project The Preservation and Restoration of Cieszyn’s Written Heritage was carried out in the years 2007-2010. Its aim was the complete safeguarding of the collections of five Cieszyn library and archive institutions, namely: Książnica Cieszyńska, the Cieszyn Branch of the State Archives in Katowice, the Tschammer Library and Archives in the Lutheran Parish, the Archives and Library of the Monastery of the Brothers Hospitallers’ Order and the Library of the Museum of Cieszyn Silesia and their introduction to academic and cultural circulation.

The value of the project was worth EUR 2 027 185 in total, of which 81.78% (i.e. EUR 1 657 832) was funded from the EEA Financial Mechanism. The sum of PLN 334 000 was also received from the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage’s Promesa programme.

The project achieved the following
∎ the five libraries and archives were redecorated and reequipped
∎ the conservation workshop of Książnica Cieszyńska was modernized
∎ 43 000 volumes and 900 linear metres of archive records were disinfected, cleaned and restored
∎ 144 manuscripts and printed works underwent complete restoration
∎ over 37 500 volumes (including, in particular, pre-1801 imprints and manuscript codexes) and 60 linear metres of archive materials were catalogued
∎ approximately 570 000 pages of historical periodicals, manuscripts and pre-1801 imprints were digitised and microfilmed
∎ the Museum of Protestantism in Cieszyn Silesia was opened
∎ The Cieszyn Archives and Historical Libraries Trail was launched, accompanied by guidebooks and other printed information. 

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